by Christian Knudsen

Sometimes Dreams Come True


A dream card routine for the professional entertainer.

High potential for flirting!


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Full stand up stage performance

Full close up performance with retro charm (shot in 2004)

This routine really is a dream came true!

"I know you from somewhere. Have we met before? No? Now I remember: I dreamed of you that night."


A theme by Darwin Ortiz, redesigned: the signature of a spectator moves from her freely chosen card to a card with a different colored back and the inscription "Dream" on it.


Imagine this:

The performer talks about a dream he had last night and that he would like to re-enact for the audience.

A spectator, in accordance with this dream, freely chooses a playing card from a deck spread face-up to her that she signs and covers with her hand.

The performer then pulls out his wallet and produces a card from the zippered compartment. This card has a different colored back than the cards in the deck and carries the inscription "Dream" on its back.


What follows now blurs the boundaries between dream and reality: the card of the performer does not only match the card of the spectator – how could he know which card she would choose, when the choice was clearly absolutely free?

Even more, when the spectator turns the card under her hand face up, she also realizes that her signature has disappeared without a trace. This original signature is now on the performer’s card that he just pulled out of his wallet.

What remains are doubts. Did the spectator really sign her card at the beginning or maybe just dreamed it? And how real was the dream of the performer?



No forcing.

Very open handling - the card is chosen face-up.

Instant reset - simply go to the next table and start the routine again with a different value each time.


This is a professional multi-phase routine perfect for walk-around close up magic and stand up performances on cabaret stages.



An eighteen-page, illustrated PDF-booklet for download.

A professional routine with five alternative handlings and a full script.

A detailed description on how to prepare the deck you use.

A twenty minute online video tutorial.


To be able to perform the routine you will have to get yourself some stuff like two decks, a quick-drying marker and a special something you already have at home or can buy from you favorite magic dealer.