by Christian Knudsen

Holy Jokers


"An extremely visual and memorable routine!"

Michael Close in Magic Magazine


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Holy Jokers - Short teaser

Holy Jokers - Full close up performance with retro charm (shot in 2004)

A highly visual two-phase miracle!


A card disappears without a trace from between the two Jokers and is found again reversed in the middle of the deck.

The second time the card is placed between the Jokers the blue back of the card changes into a red one.


The clou: The Jokers have a big, round hole in the middle - this way the spectator's card remains visible all the time when it disappears and changes its back color.



The card is signed by the spectator.

The routine can be repeated immediately.

Very, very visual.



Two blue Bicycle Rider Jokers with perfectly laser cut holes in the middle.

A clever, versatile gimmick.

A DIY-gimmicks sheet with a dozen more gimmicks to choose from.

A twelve-page PDF-booklet for download, with two routines and lots of ideas and photographs.

A fifty minute online video tutorial.


No deck included.