by Christian Knudsen

Pure Destiny


Christian's version of "Destiny", the three-phase hit by David González and Card-Shark ("Destiny Deck"), - - - but with an ordinary, unprepared deck of cards!


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A "pure" version of González's "Destiny" with a normal deck!

"Everyone has a unique destiny. And everyone has a destiny card. A playing card that shapes their destiny. What do you think, what could be your destiny card?"



In the first phase someone freely names any playing card (e.g. Queen of Hearts). The performer takes one card out of the deck and places it face down on the table in front of the participant. He ribbon-spreads the cards face down on the table and asks the spectator to slide the card in front of him halfway face down somewhere into the spread. He has a free choice.

The performer divides the deck into two halves, exactly at the spot where the spectator’s card is located. He ribbon-spreads them face up to the left and to the right of the spectator’s card. It turns out that the entire deck is sorted by colors and values.

The audience also realizes that the spectator has placed his card exactly between the Jack of Hearts and the King of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts is missing. The card that the spectator has been given to mark the spot in the deck where the spread was separated is turned over. It’s his freely chosen Queen of Hearts. The spectator has intuitively found exactly the spot where the Queen of Hearts belongs.


In the second phase the spectator chooses another card from the deck, but its identity remains hidden for now.

The spectator is asked to slide the newly selected card halfway somewhere into one of the two spreads to the left and right of the Queen of Hearts. Again he has a free choice. And again the two halves of the selected spread are separated exactly at that spot.

The performer turns the ribbon spreads face up and spreads them out again in the same place. The two separation cards are also turned face up in their places. It becomes clear that the first card chosen is no longer the Queen of Hearts, but an indifferent one. For this, the second card chosen now turns out to be the Queen of Hearts.

But not only that: all card values suddenly shifted so that this Queen of Hearts was again pushed back into the right place in one of the ribbon spreads, exactly between the Jack of Hearts and the King of Hearts.


In the third phase the performer removes the 13 Hearts cards from the deck and sets them aside. The remaining 39 cards are ribbon-spread again to show the Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. These cards are then pushed together, turned face down and spread from hand to hand one card at a time until the spectator says "stop" at some point. The selected card is removed from the spread.

The performer now spreads out the Hearts cards he set aside a moment ago. The Queen of Hearts is missing. The selected card is turned over: the spectator has found the Queen of Hearts again.

The deck is complete and sorted. The audience can take it and examine it to their heart’s content. It is ordinary.



No special cards.

Use any full deck of cards you have.

Hand over the deck to the audience at any time.


No force.

A freely named card of destiny.

A different card each and every time.


No difficult sleights.

No sticky cards to separate.

Very open, very natural handling.

Instant reset.



A three-colored PDF-booklet with 27 pages and 68 photographs for download.

A three-phase routine with full script and presentation.

An alternative two-phase routine by Christian's buddy Dirk Mollmann.