by Christian Knudsen

Just Five Cards


A stunning progressive ace assembly.

Watch the trailer for a full performance!


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Just Five Cards - Trailer with Full Performance

Just Five Cards - Retro-Teaser

A visual wonder to amaze your audience - and yourself!


The four Aces and a Joker - just five cards on the table.

Three of the Aces change places one by one with the Joker and travel magically to the forth Ace, the Ace of Spades.

In the end, the four Aces are united.


Incredibly clean.

Unbelievably clear.

Absolutely impossible.



No double-facers.

No specially printed cards.

No rough and smooth.

No glue.

No false counting.

No hard moves.



The complete set of cards.

A fourteen-page PDF-booklet for download, with no less than eighty photographs.

A half-hour online video tutorial.


Based on a routine by Larry Jennings.