by Christian Knudsen



"That's one of the best tricks I've ever seen on the Wizard Product Review. I'm giving that 99%." - David Penn in his review of Angel.


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An intimate premonition for a special moment!

"We are angels with only one wing. To be able to fly, we have to embrace one another."

Luciano de Crescenzo


"Are angels immortal?"

A special moment between two people.

A conversation about angels.

A game of fate.

A presentation based on an idea by Gaeton Bloom.



A person names a playing card, any card.

The game of fate begins and card by card is counted face up on the table.

There are only 51 cards in the deck.

The chosen card of fate is missing.

"Perhaps you are ... an angel?"



A Phoenix Poker Deck that can easily be adapted to other brands (like Bicycle, Bee etc.).

Only one deck is in play and it's visible all the time.

The audience sees normal playing cards, fronts and backs.


No secret moves.

No calculating.

No stooges or pre-show work.

No force.

No rough and smooth.

No hidden extras.


Ready to repeat immediately.



A special deck of Phoenix Poker cards.

A little gimmick to make your life even easier.

A detailed PDF-booklet for download, with an easy-to-do routine and a great presentation.

A bonus idea for a perfect ending to round things up.